Japanese Farm Hides One Hell Of A Video Game Collection

I have seen some impressive game collections in my time, but few that can match either the scale or presentation of this one, which is basically sitting in the middle of some farm fields in Japan.


In this episode of Collector’s Quest (via former Kotaku editor Chris Kohler), Nintendo super-fan and author of the incredible History of Nintendo series of books, Florent Georges, takes us on a tour of the home of “Low-san”, and when I say home, I mean homes.

Because in addition to the house he lives in, Low-san bought another house across the street to house his enormous video game collection, which aside from an incredibly rare Game & Watch unit also boasts a ton of Sega arcade machines and a museum done in the style of an 80s video game store.

The episode is in French and Japanese, but there are proper English subtitles available by enabling captions.



Do they not have, like, weather in the Ibaraki province? Those shuttered storage units filled with arcade cabs look like they don’t have enough insulation to avoid condensation during extremely hot or cold days. Not a good sich for preservation. But if the weather is mild enough I suppose it wouldn’t matter