Call Of Duty Finally Lets PC Players Uninstall Over 100GB Of Stuff

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Illustration: Activision

For the longest time, Call of Duty Modern Warfare on PC has made players set aside increasingly—and hilariously—enormous amounts of hard drive space, up to 232GB at last count. This week, finally, players will be able to free up some of that space.


While it doesn’t sound like the biggest deal, increasing numbers of PC gamers are storing and running their games from solid state drives, which tend to have a more limited capacity than traditional HDDs. Most folks will have only 250-500GB total storage on their SSD, so you can see why a single game taking up 232GB of that is a problem.

The latest patch for the game now allows players to remove Modern Warfare’s single-player campaign, regular multiplayer, special ops mode or any combination of those three. Warzone, the game’s Battle Royale mode, can’t be uninstalled.

The campaign is 35GB, multiplayer is 42GB and special ops is 38GB. That means you can practically halve the game’s install size, which is good! Well, relatively good. Being unable to install the free-to-play Warzone, and having that take up so much space (potentially half of a 250GB SSD!), still sucks.

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I am surprised that people are still only using the the 500GB and 250 GB size SSD. You can get a 1TB Samsung EVO 860 for $114. Granted its not a NVMe but for games a reg SSD works just fine.