ESRB Opens No-Cost Ratings Service for Digitally Distributed Games

Downloadable games sold through the three console makers' online services will be rated by what the Entertainment Software Ratings Board is calling a "streamlined, no-cost service," in a statement released today by the ESRB. The new "Digital Rating Service" gives developers and publishers access to a "brief but… »10/24/12 10:00pm10/24/12 10:00pm

Here's How You Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors Can Download Your Free NES Games [Update]

This week, starting September 1, early Nintendo 3DS adopters will be to download classic NES games like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda for free—as long as they hopped on the Nintendo eShop in time and achieved "Nintendo 3DS Ambassador" status. Turns out, downloading those games might be just a little bit...… »8/30/11 6:30pm8/30/11 6:30pm