Fan Gets Original Ezio Actor To Fix Recent Assassin's Creed's Bad Voice Acting

When Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China came out last spring with a sound-nothing-alike voice actor growling through the handful of lines scripted for iconic franchise hero Ezio, a series superfan who goes by the name Loomer could have done nothing. But no. He’s gone and fixed things with the help of Ezio’s original… »8/25/15 2:43pm8/25/15 2:43pm

Assassin's Creed Creator Plans A Most Ambitious Comeback

The man who dreamt up Assassin’s Creed is working on a new game, the first thing you’ll be able to play from him since 2010. The long-time corporate game developer who has gone indie after an acrimonious split from Ubisoft is also level-designing his new office so that it’s a bit different from any other video game… »6/30/15 1:36pm6/30/15 1:36pm

The Next Big Assassin’s Creed Adds A Dash Of Batman And A Helping Of GTA

I judge an Assassin’s Creed, crazy me, by the overall quality of its world design and the quality of the high quantity of things these games give us to do. I therefore cannot judge the not-yet-released Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, of which I’ve only played for five minutes in the South Hall of the Los Angeles… »6/22/15 5:40pm6/22/15 5:40pm