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Vampire Kermit Is Here To Wish You All A Happy October

This week we learn more about what’s been going at Ubisoft, meet a demon version of Baby Yoda, expose a Spelunky 2 scammer, question why Comic-Con is still going to happen, find out what free games Xbox Live and PS Plus users are getting and say hello to October and Vampire Kermit.


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You son of a bitch!

In America, we don’t care about little things like “safety” or “global pandemics” or “death.” We got conventions to throw and money to make!


I love reading blogs like this, about things I always noticed but never truly thought about.


I guess its good to hear the company is trying to learn more about what has been happening and might, but this is some rough data about what’s been going on at Ubisoft.



Cats have a superpower that lets them know precisely where they shouldn’t be and then they immediately go there.


If I’m being honest, I was like vampire Kermit back during the second week of September.


“Baby Yoda, PLEASE stop doing the hand thing!”


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Random fact, Vampire Kermit is from the Vincent Price episode of the original Muppet show. Like all of the original Muppet show episodes, it is excellent. It also ends in Kermit murdering Vincent in an odd twist.