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This Guy Is Awesome

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hello! This week we learn how much data game developers have on players, honk at Principal Skinner, play 2500 classic PC games, dye our underwear and watch a grandpa get it.

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Our long national nightmare is finally over...


A wonderful look into just how much data companies like Niantic have on their players. (Spoiler: It’s a lot.)

I always love stories like this. I imagine some Nathan Drake-like explorer digging through old boxes and finding a CD with “Saint’s Row 2 SOURCE CODE” printed on it.


Where were you when the black hole destroyed Fortnite?



I love everything about this. (Original video here and more info about the dude can be found here.)




I have to bring my OWN shotgun? What the hell? No deal.

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I’ve been wanting to replay RDR2 and this PC port might be the best reason to do so.

It’s so blurry!

The return of chunky Pikachu. Finally, Pokemon is giving fans what they really want.