At Last, You Can Dye Underwear In Sea Of Thieves

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Sea of Thieves updates are usually pretty big. That can mean giant shark battles, massive PvP modes, or even grand story adventures. While the newest update does have a big addition—a difficult “fort of the damned” with rare loot inside—it also has a smaller, sillier feature: the ability to change the color of your underwear.


Cosmetics form the core of Sea of Thieves’ progression system. Grind enough reputation or gather enough gold and you can gather a variety of dashing hats, golden swords, and exclusive “Pirate Legend” gear. Through it all, there’s been one boring constant: dull, drab underwear.

Finally, you can change the color of your smallclothes and, in theory, change out your ragged and well-worn breeches. It’s all thanks to a simple little widget that dyes clothing with a range of basic colors.

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It’s as simple as accessing the clothing chest on your ship and selecting a bottle of dye. No hassle, no bizarre quest to steal the ancient underwear potion of Captain Dread Pants, and no need to spend gold on colors. It’s a pretty limited system for the moment, but I’m hoping that an exciting range of designs and colors become available. A captain usually wears a heavy coat or fantastic dress, but every now and then you need to intimidate an enemy crew by running around half-naked. And at least now, you can do it with a little more style.

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Totally in the same boat(no pun intended) with people complaining about this game. I, and a few of my friends, grabbed this game through gamepass a couple of months ago. I tried it when it first came out and my analysis was, “This game is pretty and has potential, but definitely not something I can play just by myself,” so I backlogged it. I figured this long after launch it might be worth a try. Honestly, the way it is today feels like what a newly launched title would be like. Aimless, very little content, repetitive quests/tasks, gold that becomes meaningless eventually, but a good base to build something unique on.

I get that they wanted everyone to feel like they are on the same playing field by not having different weapons, ship load outs, classes, etc, but it honestly feels like a lazy excuse at this point. None of that really matters if just you or a bud gets tailed by a 4 player vessel, with way more firepower. They have ways to add variety without breaking the game.

Additionally, the scaling is abysmal. If you check any of the forums talking about any of the boss fights with more than a 2 man crew, it is near impossible to get a kill. It isn’t fun. It’s boring, a slog, and most of all, a waste of time.

I sound salty(also not an intended pun) because I ultimately like the concept of the game. I want it to work, I want to have fun with it, but it just ain’t there right now. And based on where I have seen the Product Management updates going I don’t think it is in an direction I want to sail (pun now certainly intended).