Fallout 76 Won’t Get Human NPCs Until Next Year

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Screenshot: Bethesda

The next big Fallout 76 update, which will finally add human NPCs to the Appalachian wasteland, has been delayed to early 2020.


Fallout 76’s “Wastelanders” update is set to address one of the biggest complaints from the community: where are all the people? The game is set shortly after the nuclear apocalypse wiped out the population of West Virginia, plopping players down in a surprisingly beautiful landscape that was almost entirely devoid of human faces. The narrative is largely told through robotic NPCs and scores of leftover audio recordings, which makes Fallout 76 a rather lonely experience for the solo explorer.

“Wastelanders” will see humanity return to Appalachia in the form of brand new NPCs, enemy factions like the cannibals and Mothman cultists, a faction reputation system, companions, and an updated dialogue system. Although it was originally scheduled for a fall 2019 release, developer Bethesda has decided to push that window into next year. “We’ve continued to re-evaluate and change our processes to make sure the work we’re doing hits our quality bar, and yours,” the announcement reads. “We apologize for this delay but know it will be worth the extra time.”

Other upcoming Fallout 76 content includes the addition of purchasable private servers next week, as well as future tweaks to the Atomic Shop and challenges, the opening of a public test server, and new events. “Wastelanders” will be free when it launches in the first quarter of 2020.

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It’s probably for the best that they are delaying and ensuring a high quality release.

Also, take note there is a ghoul seemingly hanging out in peace in that screenshot above. For those that played and noticed the story bits in the mire region, there was a lot of fear against ghouls even though some were clearly not feral. Those that survived fled to the D.C. area.

So I think it’s cool to see one up there in that screenshot since that means we will see them mocking us smooth skins when the Wastelanders update does come out.