This Cat Wanted An Xbox Series X

This week we turn a PS5 into an anime character, fart during a snooker match, check out the new trailer for Cyberpunk, wonder what is leaking from Rudy’s head, read a great story about Dragon Age, and break a PS5.


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The right video game and that right time can indeed change your life, as you’ll find out in this wonderful story from Ashley.

Trust in the heart of the SSD!


“How wild could it be?” I asked myself as I began to read this and then it got fucking wild. FUCKING WILD FOLKS.



I know nothing about snooker, so if you told me this was just part of the game I would nod with you and agree.


Let’s check in on Trump’s team... Oh no, Rudy. Go home. Retire. Stop trying to do stuff.


Update: The cat broke the PS5. Yikes.


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Legless Legolas' LEGO Lass

You know, if it’s that easy to tip over a ps5 and it breaks it, that’s pretty concerning. I’ve stubbed my toe in the dark hard enough to move stuff on my entertainment center, breaking a $500 console as well would add insult to injury.

I know you can just lay it down but still...