The Makers Of Hitman Are Working On A New James Bond Game

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Screenshot: IO Interactive

IO Interactive, the Danish video game studio behind the stealth series Hitman, announced today they’re working on a James Bond game currently titled Project 007.


Here’s the teaser:

It doesn’t reveal much.

Over on IO Interactive’s website, the studio says this game will be an original Bond origin story where players work to achieve Bond’s OO agent status. While Daniel Craig continues to get rich churning out modern James Bond movies, there hasn’t been a new Bond video game since 2012's incredibly bland 007 Legends.

Project 007's short description is followed by a recruitment pitch, so I wouldn’t expect this new spy game anytime soon. Meanwhile, Hitman 3 is out January 20 of next year, just two months away.

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Everyone talks about GoldenEye and no one talks about the true Bond game GOAT: Everything or Nothing.

It’s a full-on Bond movie, complete with its own cast of characters and a theme song. It had some rough edges, but I loved it. They had “Bond Moments” that were like bonus points for doing something super rad, like sliding your motorcycle under a truck trailer.

Also the multiplayer was criminally underrated. It was this PowerStone-like mode that was frantic and fun and nothing at all like what you’d expect from a license that brought you GoldenEye.

Thinking about Everything or Nothing and then thinking about IO’s experience building amazing levels with all kinds of cool possibilities in Hitman has me very excited for this.