9:39 AM

Good morning! Some release dates were announced today. They are Luigi’s Mansion for 3DS (Oct. 12), Brawlhalla for Xbox One and Switch (Nov. 6), and Trials Rising for Xbone/PS4/Switch/PC (Feb. 12).

2:20 PM

Donut County, another one of those beautiful looking indie games that never seems to come out, finally has a release date of August 28 on iOS, PC, and PS4. There’s a new launch trailer and everything, and guess what, it still looks like a wonderfully chill time. 

12:25 PM

Darksiders 3 is coming November 27 to Xbox One, PS4, and PC, because it’s 2018 and somehow this trilogy, of all game trilogies, has managed to survive after the closure of the original studio behind it, Vigil Games, and former publisher, THQ. Darksiders 3 is being made by Gunfire Games.

9:35 AM

Side-scrolling action adventure game Chasm will finally see the light of day on July 31 on PS4, Vita, and PC. Kickstarted back in 2013, the game was plagued with delays for years—until now. Its beautiful pixel art will be available on Vita with Cross-buy on PS4, because what’s dead my never die.

12:15 PM

Tempest 4000 heads to PS4 and Xbox One on July 17. The modern reboot of the original Atari game by creator Jeff Minter’s Llamasoft studio is supposed to stay true to the arcade classic while adding 4K graphics, new modes, and leaderboards so we can be reminded how terrible our personal scores are.

11:05 AM

Days Gone, the zombie game where they aren’t actually called zombies, releases February 22, 2019. A new trailer and accompanying blog post that shares more details about the game including the existence of Rippers, humans who worship and dress up like the game’s zombies and are just as dead set on killing you.

9:55 AM

Two of publisher Deep Silver’s planned 2018 releases, Metro Exodus and Shenmue III, have been delayed until 2019. In both cases, Deep Silver cited the need for more time to polish each game. It’s another reminder that nebulous, year-long release windows almost never end up being accurate.

9:20 AM

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age will be out September 4 on PS4 and PC. The game released last summer in Japan on PS4 and 3DS but the North American release will be an upgraded version including a new hard mode, camera mode, improved graphics, an overhauled UI, and dashing.

6:10 PM

Pit People is finally coming out of Early Access on March 2. The Behemoth (makers of Castle Crashers) have been working on it since 2013. At its core it’s a hex strategy game with a quirky sense of humor, which is how it won over Mike Fahey when he played it last year.