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Aug 18

Chill exploration game A Short Hike has finally arrives on Switch sometime today and the timing couldn’t be better. Find treasure, rid a motorboat, catch up with other critters and shutout the rest of world while taking strolls off the beaten path.

Jun 9

The lovely indie JRPG CrossCode is finally coming to consoles on July 9. That means if you, like I, have been waiting for the Switch version to finally dig into the game about playing MMOs, there’s only one more month to go. 

May 21

Sting Entertainment’s role-playing roguelike Baroque is coming to the eShop in Japan later this year. Originally released on the Sega Saturn only in Japan in 1998, the game was remade and ported to PS2 and Wii a decade later. It’s an incredibly interesting but obtuse game with a lovely soundtrack.

Feb 3

Anime mech fighter Daemon X Machina is coming to PC on February 13. Previously released on Switch last summer, where it was published by Nintendo, the game is being distributed on Steam by Xseed where it’ll have all of the current updates and add-ons minus “some licensed DLC.”

Jan 30

The Outer Worlds is coming to Switch on March 6. The sci-fi shooter RPG came to PS4, Xbox One, and PC last year. While the game will have a retail version, the box will only come with a download code inside. It’s not the best choice, it’s Spacers Choice. 

Jan 27

Patapon 2 is getting a 4K remaster for PlayStation 4 releasing on January 30. The 2008 PSP game was a rhythm-based strategy game where band of walking eyeballs used music to fight monsters and rival tribes. The first game in the series was remastered and ported back in 2018.