As Expected, Nintendo Is Taking Down That Unofficial Super Mario 64 PC Port

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With the world in turmoil, it’s important to hold onto the few constants we have left. The sun still rises in the east, the sky is still (mostly) blue, and Nintendo is still devoted to taking down unofficial ports of its games.


Earlier this month, a PC port of Super Mario 64 appeared that could run the classic game in 4K and be modded with other graphical improvements. Now, according to a notice obtained by TorrentFreak, frequent Nintendo representative Wildwood Law Group is making moves to have it pulled from servers. While they haven’t been successful in every attempt, many of the more public sources for the executable have already been nuked. Takedowns have also extended to YouTube videos of the third-party project, such as the one seen in our previous story.

This behavior is fairly standard for Nintendo, and Super Mario 64 belongs to them, after all. With recent reports of classic Mario titles being remastered for Switch, there’s clear impetus for the developer to keep folks from potentially one-upping them.

In any case, nothing ever truly disappears from the internet, especially something as cool as a 4K version of the most iconic platformer of all time.

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C.M. Allen

They can certainly try. But this is the internet. Once it’s out here, it’s out here for good.

Of course, Nintendo execs are among the stereotypical old-guard, short-sighted, myopic dinosaurs who firmly believe they can bend society to their will.