May 27

The upcoming live-action Rurouni Kenshin films Rurouni Kenshin Saishuushou: The Final and The Beginning were slated for July 3 and August 7, but the motion pictures have been delayed due to coronavirus covid-19. The movies will now open in Japan theaters in spring 2021. 

Feb 21

Here’s the teaser for the upcoming Rurouni Kenshin: Final Chapter - The Final/The Beginning movies. The Final, which opens in Japan on July 3, centers on Kenshin’s battle with a weapons dealer, while The Beginning, opening in Japan on August 7, recounts the swordsman’s younger days. No word yet on international

May 20 2019

A new Sony division called PlayStation Productions aims to be the Marvel Studios of PlayStation, developing and producing movies based on Sony’s game franchises, the Hollywood Reporter said today. Rather than license out the rights, Sony has decided to produce the films itself and retain creative control.