Look At These Metal Gear Solid Air Jordans

Last year, film director Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island) showed off some epic Pikachu Air Jordans. Now in 2020, he’s back with a pair of excellent Metal Gear Solid themed ones.

Vogt-Roberts posted the custom AJ1s this week on Twitter to mark the anniversary of Metal Gear Solid’s PlayStation release in North America.


Bud Sanfilippo of SGNY did his take on artist Yoji Shinkawa’s brushwork to great effect. The result is subtle, skillful, and very cool.

Currently, Vogt-Roberts is working on bringing a live-action version of Metal Gear Solid to the big screen. He’s very passionate about the project, and I can’t help but feel MGS is in very good hands.

All Twitter images used with permission.

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Destron Combatman

I actually really don’t like these. The dude is talented, but these look... pretty amateur. The colors aren’t even right.