In 2014, we shared the stories from game developers who have been laid off. We followed the ups and downs of the Mario Kart 8 scene. We wrote about Gamergate a bunch, too. We ran thousands of posts this year, but which ones were the most popular?

According to Google Analytics, the 100 posts listed below were. Yep. "Disney Princes", a quickly-composed post about a funny video, topped the list. That's thanks, we think, to Facebook. The next 99 posts on this list probably make more Kotaku sense.

A few notes for those curious about numbers: 1) *The ranking here is pulled from what Google Analytics calls pageviews, which closely but don't perfectly align with the stats you see when you load any of our posts and look at the number we display on the top right (those numbers are internally-tracked pageviews; you can also see internally-tracked "uniques", which we care more about, if you hover your mouse over the pageviews), 2) All of the Bests posts, except for the PS4 and Xbox One posts, were originally published prior to 2014 but have had legs since, 3) It turns out that people are really into anime!

On with the list...

Real Life Disney Princes Would Be Horrible People

With the possible exception of Prince Ali (possibly not his real name), Disney Princes would be terrible people in real life, as BuzzFeed demonstrates.

The 12 Best Games For The PlayStation 4

You're heading to the store to get a PS4 right now, and need to know which games to get. (Keep your eyes on the road, please!) Or you're home, all set up, realizing you want more stuff to play. Or maybe you're suiting up for a battle in the console war, applying your facepaint and trying to remember which games will best help you make the argument for Sony's new console. We are here to help.

Hackers Explain Why They Supposedly Took Down PSN and Xbox Live

On Christmas day, many gamers around the world found that they couldn't play many of their favorite games anymore. The reason? The online services powering these games, such as PSN and Xbox Live, were down—and a group of alleged hackers claimed responsibility for it.

The 12 Best Games on PC

PC gamers have got a pretty great thing going. Interesting, experimental indie games? Yup. The shiniest, most visually impressive versions of big-budget games? Yeah, they get a lot of those, too.

How To Find Pokémon On Google Maps

Today as part of an April Fool's prank, Google updated Google Maps for iOS and Android to include Pokémon. Let's try to find all of them!

The 12 Best Games on the iPhone

You've got yourself an iPhone and you want to play some games on it. You might not want to just plunge into the App Store. It's a jungle, and it is full of bad games. Here, Let us help you.

Dude Opens Magic Card Deck, Finds $30,000 Card

This video, made by a Magic: The Gathering fansite, was meant to show you some of the cards available in an old 1993 starter pack for the game. It was not meant to show you what happens when a grown man finds a Magic card inside it worth up to $30,000.

The 12 Best Games on the 3DS

Ah, the Nintendo 3DS. Maybe you've heard it's hit its stride? Or maybe you haven't. Maybe you thought you were done with Nintendo handhelds? Bad move. The 3DS has a ton of good games.

E.T. Found In New Mexico Landfill

One of the most infamous urban legends in video games has turned out to be true.

Short Horror Movie Will Make You Sleep With The Lights On, Forever

Swedish animator and filmmaker David F. Sandberg made this short horror flick a few months back, but it's only just started getting some traction online in the last few days. With good reason.

The 12 Best Games For The Xbox One

You're heading to the store to get an Xbox One right now, and need to know which games to get. Or you're at work or in school, daydreaming about what you want to play next. Or maybe you're suiting up for a battle in the console war, cinching on your armor and trying to remember which games will best help you make the argument for Microsoft's new console. We are here to help.

The Five Best Anime of 2013

Over this past year, I've shown you my picks for the anime you should be watching for the spring, summer, and fall seasons. You've even had the chance to weigh in on your favorites. So without further ado, here are Kotaku's picks for the best anime of 2013.

How To Capture Legendary Pokémon In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Between Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, there are dozens of legendary Pokémon—not all of which are easy to find. But if you're set on hunting them down, you've come to the right place.

Pokémon's Creepy Lavender Town Myth, Explained

Pokémon may be famously cheery, but the series has its share of dark, spooky myths. The most famous of those have got to be the ones about Lavender Town.

The 12 Best Games for the iPad

Stop watching movies on your iPad. Stop browsing the web. Well, okay. You don't have to stop. But while you do all that stuff, don't forget that your iPad can play some great games. Which games do are best? Read on.

The 12 Best Games for the Wii U

Hail, ye Nintendo faithful! Loyal folk that you are, a Wii U now rests beneath your TV. The console's now been around for a couple years, and there are more good games for it than ever. Enough good games, in fact, that we think the Wii U is worth owning.

The 12 Best Games For the PlayStation 3

Count yourself fortunate if you have a PlayStation 3. You're in for a good time. If you want a solid PS3 game library, start with the games below.

Tips For Playing Dragon Age: Inquisition

Starting a new role-playing game is never easy. Which class should you choose? Which race? What kind of party should you make? Which gear should you buy, and what's the best way to earn some early XP?

Korean Spider-Man Has an Erection, Pisses People Off

Oh hey, it's your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Your very, very friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Next Year's Big Assassin's Creed Is Set In Victorian London

Next year's Assassin's Creed game will take place in London during the 19th century, Kotaku has learned thanks to an early leak. Farewell, Napoleon; hello, Jack the Ripper?

Blizzard Announces Overwatch

For the first time in many years, Blizzard announced a new franchise today: meet Overwatch, a team-based multiplayer shooter with Pixar-like graphics that will enter beta next year.

Realistic Cosplay Of Futurama's Farnsworth Is Effin' Terrifying

*coughs, sips water* Good news, everyone!

How Anime Art Has Changed: An Explainer

Anime, you've changed! To be honest, the look of it is always changing. Styles and fads suit each age, so let's see how anime has evolved over the past few decades.

Flappy Bird's Creator Says He's Taking the Game Down

The creator of Flappy Bird, the difficult, barebones mobile game whose mere existence roiled video games discussion over the past two weeks, says he will remove the game from the Android and iTunes marketplaces within 22 hours. "I cannot take this anymore," Dong Nguyen tweeted today.

Destiny's New DLC Kinda Screws Over Xbox Players

On December 9, Bungie will release The Dark Below, a new expansion pack for Destiny. For $20, you'll get some new story missions, some multiplayer maps, a raid, and two new strikes. Unless you're on Xbox.

Leaked Images Reveal One Of This Fall's Two Assassin's Creed Games

One of this fall's big Assassin's Creed games, called or code-named Unity, is set at least partly in 18th-century Paris, according to early leaked screenshots obtained by Kotaku.

The 12 Best Games For The PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita is something of an oddity—a pricy, powerful portable gaming console adrift in a sea of smartphones, touchscreen controls, and inexpensive app-store games. All the same, we have a fondness for Sony's beefy handheld, and the many unusual games you can play on it.

Nintendo Just Announced a New 3DS. It Has Another Analog Stick.

It's called the New Nintendo 3DS. It's faster with bigger screens and better battery life. It also has a new analog pad called the "C-stick." Wow! This sounds great.

Fan-Made Pokémon Game Is More Exciting Than The Real Thing

Pokémon Insurgence might not be an official Pokémon game, but that doesn't make Insurgence any less exciting. The reason? Features. Glorious, glorious features.

The Five Anime of Spring 2014 You Should Be Watching

There are 60 new anime on the air this spring season and so it can be understandably more than a little difficult to know which ones to watch. Luckily, we at Kotaku East are here to help with our recommendations.

Indie Dev Threatens Gabe Newell, Has Game Removed From Steam

If you're a developer selling a game on Steam, it's probably not the best idea in the world to tweet a death threat to the guy who owns Steam.

Your Complete Spring 2014 Anime Guide

Spring means we get rain, flowers, warmer weather and, more importantly, a new anime season. But with 60 new anime in the pipeline, how do you know which ones to watch? Check out the trailers and brief blurbs about each to see which of them catches your interest.

World of Warcraft's Robin Williams Tribute Is Just Great

Meet Robin, the World of Warcraft tribute to legendary actor Robin Williams, who passed away last month.

The Five Anime of Summer 2014 You Should Be Watching

We are now six weeks into the summer anime season, and with 44 new anime on the air it can be more than a little difficult to know which ones to watch. Luckily, we at Kotaku East are here to help with our recommendations.

In Japan, Burger King Has a Black Cheese Burger

The black buns? We've seen those before. But why, Burger King, why black cheese? Why?

Your Complete Summer 2014 Anime Guide

Summer makes the world a sweltering wasteland, so why not hold up in air-conditioned comfort with the new anime season. Of course, with 44 new anime in the pipeline, how do you know which ones to watch? Check out the trailers and brief blurbs about each to see which of them catches your interest.

Girls Claim Slender Man Is Real, Accused Of Stabbing Friend 19 Times

Two 12-year-old girls from Waukesha, Wisconsin are facing attempted murder charges following a brutal attack on one of their classmates. An attack they say was inspired by their devotion to internet horror myth Slender Man.

How To Go Beyond Level 20 In Destiny

Destiny caps your character's progress at level 20. But if you've been playing, you've doubtless seen people with those yellow numbers by their name, showing levels of 24, 25 and above. How did they do that?

Meet The Guy Who Spent Seven Months Killing Everyone In Fallout 3

On January 19th, 2014, Many A True Nerd started a new playthrough ofFallout 3. Not just any playthrough, though: his goal was to eradicateeveryone from the capital wasteland.

Let's Rank the Pokémon Games, Best to Worst

We did it with Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and Final Fantasy, and now we're back at it again to rank the Pokémon series.

The Five Anime of Winter 2014 You Should Be Watching

There are a lot of new anime on the air right now—47 of them to be exact—and it can be more than a little difficult to know which ones to watch. Luckily, we at Kotaku East are here to help with our recommendations.

Tips For Playing Destiny

Greetings, Guardians! You've picked up Destiny for your gaming console of choice, loaded up your pulse rifle, and you're getting ready to head to the Cosmodrome to fight The Darkness. It's dangerous to go alone, you know.

The New Zelda Is Open-World, Looks Absolutely Incredible

We just got our first glimpse at the first new high-definition Zelda game, and it looks truly insane. Zelda is going open-world.

The Sims 4's Nudity Mods Have Gotten Really Detailed

When players modded the censors covering characters up in The Sims 4,they found that sims were pretty much Barbies underneath the clothes.Naturally, it was only a matter of time before someone took matters into their own hands and changed that. (NSFW)

League of Legends Pro Attempted Suicide After Tournament Scandal

League of Legends player Cheon "Promise" Min-Ki is in serious condition today after reportedly jumping from a twelve-story building and ending up in a coma. According to several Korean news reports, this comes after he revealed alleged eSports match-fixing.

The 12 Best Games on Xbox 360

You have an Xbox 360 controller waiting for you in your living room and a console hungry to entertain you. Your move.

Damn, This Afghan Guy Looks Like Bruce Lee

This is 20 year-old Abbas Alizada. He totally looks like Bruce Lee, from his physical features to his ability to pull off martial arts moves. It's no surprise that the Kabul native's nickname is "Afghan Bruce Lee."

The 12 Best Games on PSP

Sony's first handheld gaming system has been replaced by a younger, shinier model. But it's still a good gaming system, cheaper than ever and offering plenty of great games. Maybe you've waited this whole time to get one, or maybe you've inherited one from a friend who bought a new Vita. Either way, now you need some games to cement your relationship.

Day After Christmas Outage, Xbox Live Back, PSN Down For Maintenance

Xbox Live is working across the Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms this morning, a day after the service was down for many. But the PlayStation Network was down for "maintenance" on the PlayStation 4, according to a system message.

The 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 Is a Thing of Beauty

To mark the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation, Sony is releasing a special 20th anniversary PlayStation 4. The console is limited to only 12,300 numbered units worldwide.

The 20 JRPGs You Must Play

There comes a time when every person must sit back, think about his or her life's accomplishments, and wonder, "What JRPGs should I play?"

The Gritty Reboot Of Adventure Time Is Super Serious And Pretty Sad

I will not cry over a Gritty Reboot of Adventure Time. I will not cry over a Gritty Reboot of Adventure Time. I will not... dammit.

If Your Phone Rings on Live TV, Don't Do This

Recently, on a Vietnamese morning show, a guest was talking about theserious flooding in Lang Son when something unexpected happened: His phone rang.

The 12 Best Games for Mac

Hey, look! A sleek computer with a piece of fruit embossed on it. Contrary to popular belief, there's loads of games to be played on Apple's OS. The best twelve await you below.

People Are Scamming Walmart With Bogus Cheap PS4 Listings

There's nothing like some good ol' fashioned corporation scamming on the holidays. And as we inch closer to Black Friday, some particularly ambitious shoppers have convinced the mega-chain Walmart to sell them PlayStation 4s for as cheap as $50 thanks to a simple new price-matching scam.

The Super Mario 64 Coin That Took 18 Years To Collect

In 2002, someone on GameFaqs discovered something curious: there was a coin in Super Mario 64 on a course called Tiny-Huge Island. Not just any coin, though. This coin was different from all the other 191 coins on the level, because unlike the other coins, you couldn't actually collect it.

Let's Watch The Walking Dead's Carl Play League Of Legends

Having spent four seasons watching the once bright-eyed son of Rick Grimes harden under the weight of the zombie apocalypse, seeing actor Chandler Riggs clicking away on a mouse in the lower right corner of aLeague of Legends stream on Twitch is just surreal.

One Of The First People To Buy An iPhone 6 Dropped It On TV

Australian Jack Cooksey was the first person in Perth to get a new iPhone, making him one of the first people in the world to get a new iPhone. So he was interviewed on TV. And it all went wrong.

Fans Have Spent Six Years Making A Pokémon Game That Feels Fresh

Pokémon Uranium isn't your typical Pokémon fan game. The developers seem to be pouring everything into making a game that looks fresh—a quality that is unusual for the franchise.

Hey Sony, People Are Having Sex Live On The PS4

Give people a camera and a means to broadcast and you can bet that, sooner or later, they'll use it to film themselves doin' some sex. Even if it's using a PlayStation 4 (warning: NSFW content follows).

It Took Three Years For People To Find This Arkham City Easter Egg

Arkham City was released on October 18th, 2011. Three years ago. Despite that, players are still finding stuff hidden in the game.

Peaches Sold as Sexy Butts in China

Peaches have long been compared to backsides. Because, well, peaches look like tushes! And now, thanks to some fruit venders in China, theyreally look like butts. Sexy butts.

Why High-Level Destiny Players Are All Shooting At The Same Cave

Go to the Russian countryside in Destiny. Head left past the plane graveyard, through the building where you first encountered the moon-wizard, and out the back. Hear that gunfire? A handful of high-level players are probably standing there, shooting at a cave.

Assassin's Creed Unity: The Kotaku Review

Assassin's Creed Unity is my least favorite major Assassin's Creed since the 2007 original. It's also the first Assassin's Creed that I didn't feel better about the more I played it. I didn't expect to be telling you this.

Wait, Are Frozen, Tangled and The Little Mermaid All Connected?

Pixar films aren't the only movies with amazing fan-theories, you know. Disney movie fans have come up with some rather out-there theories about Disney films, too.

X-Wing, Tie Fighter Are FINALLY Getting Re-Releases

Jeez, it only took decades, but two of the finest space combat games - not to mention best Star Wars games - of all time are about to get a re-release.

Arrested For Marijuana, Jackie Chan's Son Could Face Execution

Chinese actor and singer Jaycee Chan was arrested for marijuana consumption and possession in Beijing Monday. The son of Jackie Chan, he could face up to three years in prison or, at worst, even execution if convicted.

One Year Later, Should You Get An Xbox One Or A PS4?

People ask us all the time whether they should buy a new-gen console? Should they get an Xbox One? A PS4? For a year, we've told people to not bother with either. Now, we think you should make the leap, especially if you're a console-only gamer. But which one to get?

The LEGO Blowjob Competition Is Cancelled

Last week, porn star Christy Mack announced a competition for the ages: whoever built her "the coolest LEGO creation" to put in her house won a prize. And that prize was a blowjob.

Why Gandhi Is Such An Asshole In Civilization

From the very first game in the series through to today, India's supposedly-peaceful leader Gandhi has been famous for one thing: dropping nukes. And there's a very good reason for it.

11 Things You Should Know AboutDragon Age: Inquisition

Yesterday, I finished Dragon Age: Inquisition. By "finished," I mean that I played the final story mission and watched the credits roll. Getting to that point took me 85 hours, but I still don't really feel done with the game.

27 Things You Might (Actually) Not Know About The Simpsons

I knew that Michael Jackson was involved in "Do The Bartman," but I didnot know why The Simpsons movie was banned in Burma.

Here's What Blizzard's Titan MMO Actually Was

For close to a decade, details about the multiplayer game that Blizzard called Project Titan have remained secret and elusive. Today we'd like to change that.

The Legendary Pokémon That Only Hackers Own

Last year, hackers discovered a handful of Pokémon hidden inside the code of Pokémon X & Y. The Pokémon were called Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa. They looked cool, but, unfortunately, the series' developers at Game Freak didn't officially release any of them at the time. All the average player could do was look at screenshots of these mysterious new Pokémon in wonder. Now, over a year later, things have changed a bit.

Minecraft's Creator Buys The Most Expensive House In Beverly Hills

In case you needed a material transaction to illustrate just how much money Markus Persson, aka Notch, has having sold Mojang (and Minecraft) to Microsoft, take a look at this: the dude just paid $70 million (and maybe beat out Beyonce & Jay-Z) to buy the most expensive house in Beverly Hills.

Rumored Naruto Leak Might Spoil the Upcoming Movie

The Naruto manga is ending. The upcoming feature film is called The Last: Naruto the Movie. And supposed leaked images might give away some of the film's biggest surprises. Or might be totally fake.

Your Complete Winter 2014 Anime Guide

With the end of the year, we have come to the end of the fall season and are beginning the winter one. But with 47 new anime in the pipeline, how do you know which ones to watch? Check out the trailers and brief blurbs about each to see which of them catches your interest.

Anime Characters Announcing They're Pregnant Is a New Meme

Some people get excited when they find out they're pregnant. Then some don't want kids or don't feel ready. There's a whole range of emotions. But what about anime characters? How did they feel?

Huge Potential Leak May Reveal Full Smash Bros. Roster

Last week, leakers claimed to have screenshots of the final character and stage rosters for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. games. Today, some rather convincing videos have popped up that appear to confirm the veracity of that leak, showing off some exciting unannounced characters from the highly-anticipated Nintendo fighter.

Don't Be Silly, Hello Kitty Is a Cat

Earlier today, numerous websites reported that Hello Kitty is not a cat. That's not only an oversimplification, it's also not quite true. Hello Kitty is a feline—just an anthropomorphic one, Sanrio told Kotaku.

Japan's Xbox One Launch Looks Sad As You'd Expect

Today, the Xbox One finally went on sale in Japan. The launch looked rather depressing. But maybe you saw that coming, right?

The Miraculous Progress of 'Twitch Plays Pokémon'

It has been nearly five days since Twitch Plays Pokemon, a stream that lets users collectively control a Pokémon game via chat commands, started broadcasting to the world. Since then, the stream has had over sixty thousand people watching and playing at once—as you might expect, it's been a chaotic, awe-inspiring ride so far. And while progress has been made, things have gotten a little...strange.

Your Complete Fall 2014 Anime Guide

Summer is finally over and now it's time for some pleasantly cool weather. Not that you'll want to go outside and enjoy it with 50 new anime in the pipeline. But how do you know which ones to watch? Check out the trailers and brief blurbs to see which of them catches your interest.

Batman v Superman Teaser Trailer Leaks Outta Comic-Con

[video now offline]

It's pretty short, but if you enjoy Batman, Superman or the sound of grown men losing their shit, it's still worth a look.

What People Get Wrong About PewDiePie, YouTube's Biggest Star

Four years ago, an account named "PewDiePie" uploaded a video to YouTube. It was about Minecraft. The video featured what sounded like a young man laughing heartily at an unlucky zombie that had gotten stuck in a tree. The commentary wasn't in English—it was in Swedish.

A Dragon Age Sex Scene That's Actually Pretty Great

Bioware games are known for many things, including the inclusion of romance and sex. But boy, did Bioware outdo themselves this time.

Legend of Korra Creators: Ending Was What You Thought, Deal With It

The Legend of Korra drew to a close last week with a series finale chock-full of drama, suspense, sacrifice, and last-ditch heroics. And then, when the dust had settled, something truly wonderful happened.

A Hack That Gets You The Most Taco Bell Food For Your Money

It's late at night, you've got a pocketful of crumpled bills and coins, and your hunger exceeds your self-esteem. Thanks to a clever hack, now all you have to do is send your budget to a special email address to generate a maximum calorie Taco Bell menu.

Facebook Buys Oculus Rift For $2 Billion

Facebook has just announced that it's buying Oculus Rift for $2 billion. Seriously.

BioShock Studio Irrational Games Is Shutting Down

Irrational Games, the studio that makes BioShock, is shutting down.BioShock creator Ken Levine said today that he plans to move on to smaller, narrative-heavy games that will be released digitally.

You Can Play As Snoop Dogg InLeague of Legends

id="selection-marker-1" class="redactor-selection-marker">If you play as Nasus in League of Legends, good news: you can wear a skin that turns that character into Snoop Dogg. And naturally, he can do the "Drop It Like It's Hot" dance, as well as perform weed-related moves.

It Only Takes An Entire Server To Kill This Level 103 WoW Boss

The "Darkmoon Faire," a classic week-long event in World of Warcraft, started yesterday with daily quests to do, exotic vendors to visit, mini-games to play and a level 103 world boss to kill. That might be tough with the current level cap of 90, but it's not impossible. All you need is a lot of people.

Dragon Age: Inquisition: The Kotaku Review

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a fantasy game. That word—fantasy—is a sort of shorthand, with a bunch of connotations. The word suggests to us that this game has dragons, and elves, and magic. There will be knights, monsters, and probably an evil witch or two.

PSA: If You're Playing Dragon Age, Leave The Hinterlands

The new Dragon Age is a great game, as we've already told you. We've already given you some useful tips, too. But there's one more thing worth noting: if you just started the game, don't forget to leave the Hinterlands!

How To Trick Destiny Into Helping You Farm Tons Of Loot

Once you've made it past level 20 in Destiny, you can only gain more levels by scoring better gear. And if you want to do that, chances are you've tried your hand at farming.

It Took Two Years To Make Final Fantasy VII's Midgar In Minecraft

Minecraft modder Killerx20 has finally released his giant re-creation ofFinal Fantasy VII's Midgar, which he's been building (with help) since early 2012.

The Borderlands Gun No One Can Figure Out How To Use

The Sword In The Stone, 87 bazillion gun moon explosion edition.

A Beginner's Guide To All Things Dragon Age

Good news: Dragon Age: Inquisition is pretty great. Less-good news: Being a story-heavy role-playing game, it relies heavily on a familiarity with the Dragon Age series' dense lore. Newcomers might be a bit lost at times.

Asking For No More BioShock Porn Means We Get More BioShock Porn

Last year, BioShock Infinite boss Ken Levine pleaded with the world to stop making Elizabeth porn. It didn't work.

A Reminder That Not Everyone Reads Before Commenting

On April Fool's day, NPR had an extremely simple joke that turned out to be an incredibly effective demonstration of how many commenters on Facebook actually read the articles they comment on.

And with that... who wants to guess what will be on the 2015 version of this list?


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