Courtroom Setback in Epic Fight 'Tis a Flesh Wound, Says Silicon Knights

Much has been made of a recent ruling adverse to Silicon Knights in its long-running lawsuit with Epic Games, the Gears of War maker whose Unreal Engine was to have been the guts of 2008 flop Too Human. Basically, a judge tossed out an expert witness for Silicon Knights; he was going to give his estimates of the… »1/05/12 6:00am1/05/12 6:00am

Too Human Trilogy Will Be Finished, Says Silicon Knights

Silicon Knights, the creators of Xbox 360 game Too Human, says it still "intend[s] to finish the trilogy" despite meager sales, middling critical reception and a very long development cycle. Studio founder Denis Dyack tells Industry Gamers it has no further comment, noting "You know, there's very public litigation… »5/02/11 3:40pm5/02/11 3:40pm

Rumor: Sega Drops Silicon Knights' Unannounced Game

The newest issue of EGM, the one with Watchmen »11/12/08 9:30pm11/12/08 9:30pm's Rorschach on the cover, contains a rumor that the unannounced game that and developer Silicon Knights is prepping for Sega may have to find a new home. The title is said to be looking for a new publisher but doesn't expound upon the reasoning for the alleged change.…