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Silicon Knights Lays Off 25 to 30

Illustration for article titled Silicon Knights Lays Off 25 to 30

Silicon Knights laid off 25 to 30 employees today. An anonymous reader contacted us this afternoon to let us know the Canadian-based developer behind Too Human has let us know that about 10:30 a .m. today 25 to 30 employees were brought into the lecture theater inside the office and told they were being laid off. "It seemed as though most of those laid off were people who had been hired to work for the company within the last year or so, however many had been heavily involved in the production of Too Human." Reached for comment Monday Silicon Knights officials had this to say:

After any big game ships, there is often some attrition. Teams are lean and mean in the beginning, grow toward the end of the project, and then whittle down once the project is finished. To that end, Silicon Knights temporarily laid-off 26 employees today while they ramp up on other projects. All the company’s directors and leads are still at Silicon Knights and working on its next projects. The slight cutback comes after four years of unprecedented growth for the St. Catharines’, Ontario (Canada) company, during which its headcount had expanded to more than 180 employees. Denis Dyack, President and founder of the company, stated, “Silicon Knights is currently working on several new and exciting games that will be announced to the public in the coming months. In addition to those projects, Silicon Knights continues to develop and promote other new and original ideas, which will become the innovative games of tomorrow. These 26 individuals are hard-working and valued team members that we hope to bring back as we ramp up on our future projects.”


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This is the type of PR spin that makes me want to vomit. You laid them off. You took their jobs away. What do you do with it? You turn it into a way to push your own products. That is pretty disgusting.