The newest issue of EGM, the one with Watchmen's Rorschach on the cover, contains a rumor that the unannounced game that Eternal Darkness and Too Human developer Silicon Knights is prepping for Sega may have to find a new home. The title is said to be looking for a new publisher but doesn't expound upon the reasoning for the alleged change. Silicon Knights was reported to be working on a "third-person action/psychological thriller" and enjoying a long term relationship with Sega. It is also not ruling out revisiting Eternal Darkness. We were told by Sega reps back in June to expect the unveiling of the Silicon Knights project "in the coming months" after a video, incorrectly identified to be that project, was leaked from market research firm Intellisponse. We've contacted Sega reps to get confirmation on the rumored change in plans.


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