Canadian Gov't Gives $4 Million to 'Too Human' Studio

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The bunch that brought you 2008 dud Too Human is now on the public dole, getting a $4 million gummint check the studio says will help it build its next AAA-game.


The Canadian government gave the money to Silicon Knights of St. Catharines, Ontario, under the auspices of a local development grant. Instead of a tax break to lure a prospective business it's a straight-up cash payment to an existing one, and it's legal under Canadian law provided the beneficiary has no competitors in its area. Silicon Knights does not.

The studio's outspoken founder, Denis Dyack, wouldn't say what kind of game Silicon Knights is cooking up, but did say, according to the Welland Tribune that it'll take two to five years to develop. Well, that's only half as long as it took to get Too Human out the door!


"We can only say it's a next generation title and a high production value game," Dyack said. "We are blown away and we're happy with the support we're getting. It is something that couldn't have come at a better time."

Dyack has tied his company's fate to St. Catharines' continued existence before, so, it's probably why the area's MP was persuaded to bring home the pork. Nonetheless, the leader of the local chamber of commerce touted the grant money as a sign of good things to come.


"We are going to be known as the gaming capital of Canada," he said.

Montreal Vancouver might have something to say about that.

Silicon Knights Get $4-million Boost [Welland Tribune via The Escapist]

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Why is the Canadian government putting so much stock in a single developer? Sure, they're a quality developer, but this seems much too generous.