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Oh, So Too Human Didn't Take Ten Years To Make

Illustration for article titled Oh, So Too Human Didnt Take Ten Years To Make

Too Human was first announced as a PS1 game back in 1999, but does that really mean it's been ten years in development? Nope, no, no way, no dice says Silicon Knights boss Dennis Dyack, who says development on the title only begun in earnest once they'd finished with their Metal Gear Solid port for the GameCube. So not ten years in development, then, but four. Course, that gives them even less of an excuse for some of the game's more outdated elements, but hey, if Dennis wanted that cleared up, he's cleared it up! X3F Presents: Silicon Knights studio tour [X3F]


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@SnakeCL: Could not agree more. I was replaying MGS1-3 just before 4 came out, and seeing as I had never played Twin Snakes, I paid over the odds for a second hand copy and borrowed a friend's Wii. It was never awful, but did feel thoroughly mediocre and severely lacking in polish. I mean, why go to the effort of creating distractingly-not-quite-right new character models for Snake, Otacon and Ocelot, when they could've just used the excellent ones Kojima and co had created for MGS2 (which, as of Substance, even included a mullet-free Snake in his MGS1 outfit)?