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What's Working for Denis Dyack Like

Illustration for article titled Whats Working for Denis Dyack Like

Right before you go to sleep, ever wonder what it's like to work for Too Human creator Denis Dyack? Neither do we. But let's say, hypothetically, that you did wonder that. Read what some Too Human employees say about Dyack:

Carman Dix, Art director of Too Human: Underneath, Denis is still that boy that genuinely loves video games with a passion. Henry Sterchi, Director of design of Too Human: Denis is sincerely passionate about the quality of everything Silicon Knights does, and with that passion comes some of his outspokenness and desire to interact with the community. Steve Henifin, Audio director of Too Human: One of the things I like about Denis is that he is a tenacious person and he takes risks. I respect him for that, because I'm the same way.


That's nice and all... What do you really think? ‘Too Human' Developers Share Impressions Of Denis Dyack [Multiplayer] [Pic]

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I think that he shouldn't be let out of his cage until he comes with a decent game... and not an offline mmo lacking skills/moves.