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Silicon Knights Exec Leaves Company

Illustration for article titled Silicon Knights Exec Leaves Company

Rob DePetris, vice-president of finance for Canadian developer Silicon Knights, has left the company. His reason?


According to DePetris, "I’m just looking for something different." What exactly that is, DePetris does not yet know, adding, That’s something I am going to worry about in the new year,” he said. “But I am going to stay involved in the community, and I am not planning on leaving."

The exec was instrumental in collaborating with the Ontario government on various game initiatives that helped fuel the company. DePetris is not severing ties as he will continue to work "closely" with SK president Denis Dyack (pictured), Silicon Knights stated.


Silicon Knights exec calls it quits [St. Catherine Standard via ENDSIGHTS]

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I'd want something different after working on a game for 8 years. And then probably making it's sequel right after.

I hope Silicon Knights does well on the next Too Human games :)