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Silicon Knights Must Destroy Unsold Games

Illustration for article titled Silicon Knights Must Destroy Unsold Games

In 2007, Silicon Knights sued Epic over issues with the Unreal Engine (that it was unfinished and, thus, sabotaged Silicon Knights' work). Epic won the legal tussle earlier this year and was awarded US$4.45 million. The headaches for Silicon Knights don't end there.


NeoGAF member Xenon noticed that page 41 of the court documents give Silicon Knights until December 10, 2012 to destroy any unsold software that was built with Unreal Engine 3. Those games include Too Human, The Box/Ritualyst, The Sandman, X-Men: Destiny and Siren in the Maelstrom. Unsold titles must also be recalled from retailers, with Silicon Knights picking up the tab.


As website Eurogamer points out, Silicon Knights must also end production and all distribution on those titles. Silicon Knights has to notify the court and Epic games by December 21 and then on February 21, 2013 on its compliance with these stipulations.

And like that, unopened copies of all these games just became collectors' items.

Deathblow! Silicon Knights ordered to destroy all software with unreal code. [Xenon@NeoGAF via Eurogamer]

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Did any other developer have issues with Unreal Engine 3 or was this just SK making up excuses and getting court appointed backhand?