​Here Are All The Settings For Dark Souls II On PC

PC gamers are understandably wary of Dark Souls II. The first Dark Souls arrived on PC in less than ideal shape, with a limited frame-rate and resolution and lousy controls. The big question has been: How will the PC version of Dark Souls II stack up? » 4/08/14 2:15pm 4/08/14 2:15pm

Leaked Dark Souls II Videos Show Co-Op, Armor and Enemies

Dark Souls 2 isn’t out until March of next year. But the network beta’s been running in Japan and other places for a little while now. You know what that means: leaked footage showing what the hotly-anticipated sequel looks and plays like. There’s about an hour’s worth of footage total here so get a snack. » 9/30/13 12:30pm 9/30/13 12:30pm