Why Marvel's Civil War Movie Shouldn't Be Anything Like The Comic

Greetings, my lascivious envelope-lickers! Uh, that sounded dirtier than I intended. Sorry. In today's mailbag, I have the answers you seek — as long as you're wondering where the hell Disney's cartoons are hiding and whether Thor's hammer has accidentally killed somebody. Three, two, one, let's jam! » 1/21/15 3:20pm 1/21/15 3:20pm

​12 Lunatics Who Shouldn't Have Access To Giant Robots

Anime has taught us that teenagers are always the best giant robot pilots, but do they need to be crazy? Because it sure seems like a lot of insane people manage to get in the cockpits of Gundam, EVA Units, and the like. Here are a dozen maniacs who shouldn't be trusted with scissors, let alone giant robots. » 12/01/14 4:17pm 12/01/14 4:17pm

The Evangelion Manga Is Finally Over, and What a Ride It Was

After nineteen years and fourteen volumes, the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga finally came to an end this past week. During that time there have been an Evangelion anime series, five films, tons of games, and even numerous other manga. Yet, after all that, it remains entertaining enough to stand on its own. » 7/12/13 8:00am 7/12/13 8:00am

Here's Why The New Evangelion Movie Is Surprisingly Realistic

For those of you who saw the first 6 minutes and 38 seconds of the new Evangelion movie » 11/29/12 7:30am 11/29/12 7:30am, you were treated to scenes of a space battle involving giant biological humanoid… (the creators at Gainax have emphatically stated that Evas are NOT robots or mechs and should not be called as such). The whole spectacle was…

Evangelion 3nd Impact is (Not) Quite the Music Game You've Been Hoping…

Even over a decade and a half after the release of the anime that started it all, the Evangelion » 11/20/12 7:30am 11/20/12 7:30am franchise is one of Japan's most lucrative properties. Each year, it floods the market with accessories, spin-off manga, and action figures—and I mean tons and tons of action figures. On top of this, a year can hardly go…

Watch the Opening Minutes of Evangelion 3.0 Right Here

Anime fans rejoice! Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo will be released in theaters across Japan at midnight tonight. To kick off the big-screen return of one of Japan's most famous anime, the Nippon Television Network showed both of the previous Rebuild of Evangelion movies—with Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone » 11/16/12 9:56am 11/16/12 9:56am

Evangelion 64: An Ancient Tale of Importing During the Dawn of the…

Neon Genesis Evangelion » 11/16/12 7:00am 11/16/12 7:00am is one of my favorite anime and the first that ever really forced me to work for understanding. Back in high school, it was the anime I always recommended to others, and I have watched it countless times in the years since. Needless to say, I was (and perhaps am still) a little obsessed. Over…

Evangelion 2.22 is a Film That Plays On Your Expectations

We are now less than a week out from the Japanese release of Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo. Over the past few weeks we have looked at my personal history with the Evangelion franchise in general and the first film in the Rebuild of Evangelion series, Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone, in specific. Today, we… » 11/13/12 8:00am 11/13/12 8:00am

Evangelion 1.11 is Way Better Than I Remember

With just under two weeks until the release of the newest Evangelion movie, Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo, we at Kotaku East are taking a look back at the previous films in the Rebuild of Evangelion series. When I talked about my history with Evangelion a week or so back, I mentioned my dislike for the first of… » 11/06/12 7:00am 11/06/12 7:00am

Evangelion Is Freaking Awesome. You Will Not Convince Me Otherwise.

Neon Genesis Evangelion » 10/19/12 5:40am 10/19/12 5:40am is one of the most famous—and polarizing—anime ever created. And it always seems to fall into one of three categories: Anime fans love it, hate it, or love it but hate the ending. Now we are just under a month away from the release of —easily the most anticipated anime of the last few years.…