Someone Turned A Terraria Map Into An Evangelion Holding A Warship

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Screenshot: Re-Logic / TheaVanherst and Alexmiles (Other)

Terraria doesn’t get the same level of fanfare as Minecraft, but its two dimensional crafting is nevertheless responsible from some truly impressive player-made creations of its own. Behold the latest: an Evangelion lifting a warship over its head.


The above screenshot, which has been blowing up on the Steam community pages and was first spotted by PC Gamer, was taken by Steam user TheaVanherst and and shows the house they spent dozens of hours building with fellow player Alexmiles in the 2011 side-scrolling crafting game.

The project took upwards of 70 hours and counting, to be a little more precise, “done manually with a couple reference images,” TheaVanherst wrote on Steam. “There will be an expansion on this world in a few months with Eva unit 02 for a battle arena.”

Screenshot: Re-Logic / TheaVanherst and Alexmiles (Other)

They also touched up the screenshot in Photoshop to add some more dramatic effects and an Neon Genesis Evangelion background to help bring the whole homage together.

Some players might find such an undertaking daunting, but I hope it might encourage at least a few to find inspiration in it and take things to the next level: putting Propane Genesis Evangelion in Terraria.

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And I thought mining out my entire world and turning it into a mobius strip via teleporters was impressive. Just the act of building the ship at an angle and making it functional as a player base is pretty impressive.

Terraria is hands down one f the greatest games I have ever played. The trailers may make it look derpy, but the combat is far more entertaining than it is in Minecraft. It perfectly combines random generation and item hunting with metroid. You start out with a little stabby sword and build your first hobo dirt and wood shack, but if you stick with it to the end you evolve into a glorious b***ard who can fly through the map at will, firing a laserbeam that can decimate all but the endgame bosses in an instant. I’ve got over a thousand hours in the PC version alone.