Check Out The Xbox One's China Exclusives

So, the Xbox One's going to launch in China. Big whoop right? From Microsoft's press briefings, the system will launch in China with a fair amount of Western games, such as NBA 2K14 and Titanfall. But apart from these, the Windows company has got its hands on a few China exclusives as well! » 8/01/14 6:20am 30 minutes ago

So uh, remember the two trailers Gen Kim did for Guild Wars 2? He made a third one. For Destiny. And, as usual, it's very good! The song lends the game a very Borderlandsy feel. Even Bungie liked the video—so much so that they shared it on their Twitter and Facebook. (Thanks Carl, Robert and Ed!) » 8/01/14 4:20am Today 4:20am