2:05 PM

An unofficial fix has been developed for Street Fighter V’s terrible attempt at rollback netcode. The game has been plagued by a poor online experience since its launch in 2016, but this third-party workaround apparently works wonders for PC users. Take note, Capcom.

2:55 PM

The Capcom Pro Tour’s upcoming Street Fighter V tournament in Hong Kong has been canceled due to “ongoing civic unrest” in the area. Any competition held at the Hong Kong Esports Festival will no longer award ranking points and Capcom has no plans to replace the canceled tournament with a new premier event.

6:04 PM

Masato “Bonchan” Takahashi has been crowned Street Fighter V champion at Evo 2019. It’s been a long road for Bonchan since placing second in Ultra Street Fighter IV at Evo 2014, fraught with character crises and surprisingly early eliminations, but now he can finally add an Evo championship to his resume.

11:45 PM

Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi has been eliminated from Street Fighter V competition at Evo 2019, ending his weekend at 49th place. A perennial favorite, Tokido won the event in 2017 and placed second in 2018.