7:50 PM

The final Saturday Morning Stream of 2014 is now live — on Sunday night. I promised one last hurrah and here it is — watch me play Omikron: The Nomad Soul, the 1999 classic from Quantic Dream, back when their games had real controls. Instead of making a big deal about it, just hit up my Twitch channel to watch.

1:18 PM

The Saturday Morning Stream will return tomorrow. No, it's still the Saturday Morning Stream on Sunday. Unfortunately today's game, Farming Simulator 15, will not start from Steam on my computer. I am genuinely disappointed. Maybe they'll fix it by tomorrow.

10:53 AM

No Saturday Morning Stream this week. A massive migraine has derailed plans to play and talk about games this morning. We will see how our game-playing robot feels tomorrow. We apologize for the convenience.

11:00 AM

The Saturday Morning Stream will return next weekend. Fahey is currently battling strep throat and doesn't want to risk infecting you all through Twitch. This also means he won't be making the Games Journalism panel at Momocon in Atlanta today. As an apology, he offers this tiny GIF he found of a doggy on Reddit.