The Saturday Morning Stream Plays Hyrule Warriors [All Done]

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While not out for another month in the West, Hyrule Warriors—the lovechild of The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors—was released in Japan this past Thursday. And since I'm here in Japan with my Wii U all ready to go, Fahey has graciously allowed me to stream for you all this fine Saturday.


I say Saturday, of course, but for me it's actually midnight on Sunday. So join me as, after playing the game for a good 10 hours already today, I continue on into the wee hours of the AM and show off my amazing (read: sleep-deprived) button-mashing skills.

Update: All Done, but you can watch the whole three hours below! (Skip to 3:30 for the start of playing.)

Part 1

Watch live video from BiggestinJapan on Twitch

Part 2


Watch live video from BiggestinJapan on Twitch


Ignatius Reilly

I want to like this game, but not once have I seen anything challenging about it. I can't even see the player taking any damage. Its like one giant training level. Do Dynasty Warriors games present more difficulty the deeper into them you go? Or can you walk through the entire thing blindfolded?