The Saturday Morning Stream Of Mordor (And We're Done)

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For the past two weeks I've had to hear or read about how much almost everyone on the site playing Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor is loving the game. Now it's my turn to exterminate some orcs.

I've spent the past several weeks exclusively playing games involving colorful plastic toys, so something I only need a game pad to play shall be a refreshing change. We'll be playing Shadow of Mordor on PC, and I'm pretty sure I have the special texture pack installed though who can really tell.


Update: And we're done! Watch me stealth all of the orcs in the archive below.

Watch live video from Bunnyspatial on Twitch

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Been eager to dive into this all week, as this type(s) of games (open world, RPG/action/LoTR etc) is my DoC, however I cannot, due to the following reasons:

-No store within 40 miles of me has it in stock.

-My internet sucks

-Even when my shit internet is working, anytime I leave the house, my wifes dad turns off my computer, like its a fucking VCR via the power button, leaving anytime that Im at work that could have been spent downloading, is lost. (Hes a Boomer. 'Nuff said)

Yeah I know..../waaaaaaaa! First world gamer problems.