Angry Birds Transformers Is Not What I Expected (Stream Complete)

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When Rovio and Hasbro announced Angry Birds Transformers, I imagined sling-shotting helmet-wearing birds at stationary targets, just like Angry Birds Star Wars. The game I'm streaming this morning is not that. It's more of an action game.


The goal is still to knock down evil pigs perched on precarious platforms, but there is no standing still. Each Transformer-ized bird or pig runs through their levels, firing off unique weapons as they go.

A free-to-play game, Angry Birds Transformers does feature health refill timers, level reset timers and character upgrade timers, so let's see how fast we hit a wall. This may be a very short stream.


Update: The stream is done. We ran an hour before being laid low by timers, but we learned a little something about friendship.

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Anyone else find it amusing and bewildering that the Transport vehicle for the Autobirds happens to be the G1 Decepticon Astro Train?