I backed it, Kirk loves it, now watch me play Larian Studios' successfully Kickstarted take on the old school strategy RPG.

That's right, I wound up giving Larian a couple of dollars for Divinity: Original Sin following my preview of the game last year. At a time when PC game publishers toss out download codes to the gaming press like candy, I prefer to pay for the games I really believe in. It takes me out of the running as far as an official review is concerned, but I'm the kind of guy who doesn't mind dropping $20-$25 to avoid writing for five or six hours.


That having been said, I have precious few moments to game for pure enjoyment these days, and I look forward to these Saturday morning adventures every week. Hmm, maybe I need to add a midweek stream as well...

...getting ahead of myself. Come watch me play.

Update: Stream complete! I wandered around, died several times and got kicked from someone else's game for being a douche! Then I role-played a corpse.

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