The Saturday Morning Stream: Rise Of The Dark Spark (All Are Done)

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When is a movie tie-in not a movie tie-in? When Activision and developer Edge of Reality mix movie machines with Cybertronian ones. Let's see how that worked out for them.


Yesterday my colleague Yannick posted a story titled "Leave Michael Bay Alone, Transformers is Awesome." I have no point to make here, I am just pointing it out while shaking my head sadly.

Anyway, let's stream some video game!

Update: The stream is over, but we learned a lot, like how this game is absolute crap on PC! Minimal graphics options, game-stopping bugs, and horrible multiplayer lag (at least until the host dropped).


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I wanted to watch more - but that dude playing sounded like a total douche.

EDIT: Ok, watched more. The dude is a total douche.