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Jul 22

On July 29th, Nintendo Online subscribers will have the chance to play Pokkén Tournament DX for free. The announcement comes in the midst of the Pokémon Players Cup, giving spectators the chance to get in on the action themselves. The trial lasts until 11:59 P.M. on August 4th.

Mar 17

Nintendo’s online services are currently experiencing some outages. “Unfortunately, we’re having some issues with our network services,” the company announced on its UK Twitter account. “We’re looking to rectify the situation as soon as possible. You can check the company’s network status page for updates. 

Feb 11

The next batch of NES and SNES games hits Switch Online on February 19. On SNES, it’s Pop’n Twinbee and Smash Tennis; on NES it’s Shadow of the Ninja and Eliminator Boat Duel.

Dec 4

On December 12 another wave of classic games are coming to Nintendo Switch Online. From the SNES there’ll be Star Fox 2, Super Punch-Out!!, Kirby Super Star and Breath of Fire II, while for the NES there’s Journey to Silius and Crystalis.

May 8 2019

Nintendo Switch Online’s next batch of NES games arrives on May 15 and includes Donkey Kong Jr., Clu Clu Land, and VS. Excitebike. The selection makes sense since it leans into the service’s online multiplayer. Still, it’s no substitute for finally getting SNES games on the Switch.

Mar 5 2019

Kid Icarus and StarTropics will join the Nintendo Switch Online collection on March 13. The Japanese collection is getting Kid Icarus, Konami’s early fighting game Yie Ar Kung Fu, and the first Fire Emblem.

Jan 8 2019

Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link and Blaster Master are headed to Nintendo Switch Online on January 16. In the immortal words of the teacher from Willy Wonka: “Just two?” Oh well, at least they’re good ones. Looking forward to “special save data” for Zelda II that’ll make it less annoying. Yeah, I said it. Fight me.

Sep 19 2018

We’re checking out the new Nintendo Switch Online service live on Twitch. Come watch me and Ethan check out some of the retro offerings. Join us in chat!