Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar and 2K, said today that it has purchased the space flight simulator Kerbal Space Program. “The current team at [developer] Squad will continue to provide support and ongoing development for the title through game updates and expansions,” the company said.

Redditor Mega_Dunsparce took several ridiculous photoshopped planes, then went and turned them into working aircraft in Kerbal Space Program. There’s a couple more examples below, and for the whole bunch, you can check out the relevant threads here, here and here on Reddit.

Kerbal Space Program, one of the best-loved Early Access games ever, is officially “complete.” The wacky spacecraft construction sim just hit version 1.0, bringing with it a complete flight model overhaul, a heating simulation, and resource mining, among other things. It’s the game’s biggest update to date, apparently.

With its latest update, Kerbal Space Program has entered beta, inching ever closer to a full release. 0.90.0 augments progression by including a level-up system for both Kerbals and buildings, and adds some new content like extra biomes and spaceship parts. You can watch a walkthrough of 0.90.0's contents above.

Well of course there's a Kerbal Space Program version of the new Star Wars trailer. It's a bit simplistic, yes, but keep in mind that this was done in a spaceship-building sandbox game. Considering that, it's pretty impressive how similar it turned out. You can check out the video below.