Pictured above: a flying revolver destroying a locomotive, in a creative expression of one’s hype towards Kerbal Space Program’s big upcoming 1.1 patch.


Made by redditor JeanTheDragon, the winged gun was an answer to a series of Hype Trains posted to the KSP subreddit in anticipation to the update. Here’s one such train, created by Kerbalnaught1:

Jean’s first contribution to the hype was this already creative Hype Shotgun:


And then, earlier this week, came the Hype Revolver:



The 1.1 patch for Kerbal Space Program, which ports the game to the more modern Unity 5 engine, adds several new building parts, updates the UI and tweaks the physics, among other things, is currently on a pre-release branch, will be fully out in the near future.


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