A Rocket Crossed with a Helicopter? Only in Kerbal Space Program

Well, there was a rocket crossed with a helicopter in real life, kind of: the Roton, which is the inspiration for this Kerbal Space Program build. But it was nowhere near as cool.


The craft is called the X-Wing Rotary Rocket, and it's one of those really cool projects that make you all self-conscious about all the things you built and thus, drive you to improve yourself even more. Or just make you quit. Hopefully not the latter. Anyway, look at it soar:

Make sure to check out the YouTube channel of the creator, BaconSpaceProgram, for more vids like this.

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I'm confused.

The rocket tilted its rotor blades way earlier than I thought it would and flew horizontally with only the use of its in-atmosphere rockets and slowly rotating uh...rotors. While still in atmosphere.

Am I missing something?