“Gaming has always been the backbone of YouTube since it was founded in 2005,” Ryan Wyatt, the head of YouTube gaming, said at the unveiling of Stadia today. Then he flashed a slide of YouTube’s biggest gaming content creators up on the screen. Is it just me or is someone missing?

You can watch Google’s gaming keynote livestream here. We’re expecting a game-streaming service that requires no console and will give people quick access to games of all sorts, including the high-end experiences you’d normally need a console or PC to play. More soon.

Our own Jason Schreier and Maddy Myers are snapping photos as they take their seats at Google’s gaming event that kicks off at 1pm ET in San Francisco. (We have a good sense of the game-streaming platform that’ll be revealed.) The event will be livestreamed and we’ll have full coverage on Kotaku, too.

It’s hard to miss this massive, nearly empty Google booth here at GDC in San Francisco. Monitors promise that “all will be revealed” at its keynote tomorrow at 10 a.m.  Presumably these kiosks will then be filled with its game device. 

This year’s Game Developers Conference will have a keynote from a new contender in the world of video games: Google. It’ll take place in the Moscone Center in San Francisco on March 19 at 10am PT. “All will be revealed at the Google keynote,” the company says. Get ready for the full unveil of Yeti and Project Stream.