Nov 17

WWE stable The New Day are the latest wrestlers to cross over to Gears 5. The trio may have been separated across brands during the most recent draft, but at least you and a couple of friends can keep the dream alive in online multiplayer.

Nov 19 2019

I still hate Jack, Gears of War’s Pixar-like companion drone, but after hearing the inspiration behind him I appreciate why he exists. Gears 5 director Rod Fergusson said at a recent game conference that Jack was meant to give non-Gears players an approachable cooperative role similar to Mario Galaxy’s co-star mode.

Sep 5 2019

Gears 5 includes nineteen Pride banners, from the classic rainbow to the bisexual pride flag (selected above), in customization options for multiplayer avatars. You get them with Scrap, which is only earned from playing matches, not with real money. Banners show up behind players’ avatars if they win MVP of a match.