Sep 4 2018

Here we go—Destiny 2's Forsaken is now live, and I’m returning to the game for the first time in nearly a year. Or, as the kids like to call it, I’m “back on my bullshit.” We’ll have plenty of coverage on all the new stuff in the coming days.

Jul 26 2018

Bungie has a new trailer showing the exotics that will be added to Destiny 2 in the Forsaken expansion. The studio apparently took all the criticism of the game’s existing arsenal to heart, because now it’s adding a bow that lets you see through walls and boots that reflect projectiles among other things.

Jul 24 2018

Did you know that Forsaken is getting a remastered PC release on July 31? I’ll bet you didn’t. Nightdive Studios, currently working on remastering System Shock, appears to be looking for some extra cash by reviving the 1998 dystopic shooter few remember beyond its haunting box art. 2018 continues to amaze.