Destiny Players Find Glitch To Get Raid Loot Four Days Early [UPDATE]

Destiny, a video game about traveling through space trying to steal handcannon kills from your teammates, has a long and storied history of allowing you to go places you shouldn’t. The new expansion is no exception.

Over the weekend, intrepid secret hunters poked around the edges of Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion and discovered that they could access parts of the raid, which doesn’t go live until Friday. Better yet, they could find a chest that dropped raid loot, no fights or puzzles necessary.


The raid is located inside of the new endgame zone, the Dreaming City. You can get there by glitching through the environment in Rheasilvia and making your way underneath the ground with some tight jumps and tricky platforming. Here’s a video guide:

My colleague Kirk Hamilton did the exploit over the weekend, and got a pretty sweet rocket launcher for his trouble:

These are the sorts of silly exploits that have thrived in Destiny since it launched back in 2014. From the loot cave to Crota LAN cables to Templar grenade glitching, the world of Bungie’s multiplayer shooter has always been full of infamous bugs. And Bungie has always moved quickly to zap them. So take advantage of this raid chest exploit while it lasts.

UPDATE (3:00pm): Bungie has addressed the issue in a forum post. Players have found their way into Raid spaces and claimed gear from bonus chests. Those chests are being suppressed until we can properly isolate them to Raid activities. None of the rewards they have granted will be rescinded.”

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