New Destiny 2 Plot Twist Leaves Players Wondering What's Next

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When Destiny first launched, its story was a punchline, a string of proper nouns that was barely coherent, let alone engaging. Over the past four years, the developers at Bungie have worked very hard to change that, and the game’s latest plot twist makes for strong evidence that they’ve succeeded.


To go see this new revelation, which was added to Destiny 2 in last week’s update, you’ll want to head to the Dreaming City and get the latest Offering to the Oracle (by running Blind Well a bunch of times). Go turn it in and you’ll see a new cinematic.

Or you could just watch it here...

Illustration for article titled New Destiny 2 Plot Twist Leaves Players Wondering What's Next

Here’s what you’ll see when you turn in the video.

So what does this mean? Prince Uldren, as you may recall, is the purple-skinned Awoken villain who killed Cayde-6 back in September, triggering the events of Destiny 2: Forsaken. Now, having been chosen by a Ghost and turned into a Guardian, Uldren is back, which has raised all sorts of questions from a newly engaged player-base. Will he still be nasty? Will he try to redeem himself? How are we going to react when he tries to show up at the Tower and collect bounties or play Gambit with us?

Guardians, per Destiny lore, don’t remember anything from their pre-Guardian lives, so it’s likely that Uldren will be an entirely new person when we see him again. Another interesting wrinkle is that the Ghost who revives Uldren is actually Pulled Pork, a little robot who’s spent years searching for his Guardian. (Don’t worry if you’ve missed this one—Pulled Pork is never actually mentioned in the game, just obscure lore.)

What’s cool about all this is that it’s got Destiny players buzzing about the game’s story, putting together puzzle pieces and throwing up wild theories on Reddit. Will Uldren take Cayde’s spot as Hunter Vanguard? Will Pulled Pork actually be voiced by Peter Dinklage?


This year, rather than deliver new chunks of content through big expansions, Bungie is taking a different approach, selling players a $35 annual pass and putting out new updates on a monthly and even weekly basis. Part of that plan appears to be the inclusion of major plot twists, which is a smart way to keep a story alive—and get players buzzing about what might be coming next.



Cayde’s wish was pretty explicitly that whoever killed him took his job.

I just really want a scene where Uldren, with no memories whatsoever, shows up at the tower and just gets shot over and over and over and over and over