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Apr 17 2019

The Switch’s new system version update lets you transfer individual save files between consoles. That’s especially helpful if you live in a household with more than one Switch or want to trade save data with a friend. It’s almost like having the ability to save data to an external SD card. Almost.

Jun 5 2018

The Nintendo Switch eShop just got easier to use with the 5.1.0 firmware update. The Best Sellers page now lists 30 games instead of just 20 with an additional option for download-only games. It’s also now possible to click on developers’ names to find other games they’ve made. Now if only there was voice chat.

Mar 8 2018

The PS4's “5.50" firmware update hit today adding some new features as well as supersampling. What the hell is that you might be asking? Basically, supersampling allows you to downscale 4K output to whatever type of TV you’re using, so even if you don’t have a 4K TV the image will still look much better.

Oct 3 2017

The PS4's “5.00" firmware update hit today, and for something called 5.00, it sure is flimsy. With tweaks to messages and a new feature called Team Tournaments, this feels more like an incremental patch than a big update.