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We may earn a commission from links on this page

There's A Bunch Of Hidden Features In PS4's Latest Firmware Update

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The PlayStation 4 got a significant firmware upgrade yesterday, and as more people have dug into it, people are finding little tweaks that didn’t show up in the patch notes.

Remember the big kerfuffle over Sony removing the ability to stream music through a USB drive? It’s been resolved with this update, according to a discovery by reddit user B_Boss.


“Simply go to your library and scroll to apps beginning with ‘u’ and you’ll find it!!” wrote B_Boss. “You can play music and skip through albums without suspending your game, as it was before Sony got rid of it a while back! Of all the amazing features this update has, this made my day lol!”

The official instructions for USB music playback are on Sony’s website.

You can finally turn off the annoying message confirming a screen shot was taken. Yes, I know that I pressed the share button, PS4! The reason this was annoying, though, was accidentally having the screen shot notification show up in the screen shot itself! No more.


It’s possible to limit the size of parties; it ranges from 2-8 people. Groups looking to limit how many people jump in, rather than having to awkwardly ask someone to leave, can play games in peace.


The way trophy screen shots are taken have been tweaked, according to NeoGAF user Andrefpvs. “Now even if you have trophy notifications disabled, the resulting screenshot will have the trophy notification superimposed on it,” they wrote. “Also, the screenshot is now taken at the exact moment the trophy unlocks, and not at the moment the full notification appears (or would appear) on the screen. This generally results in screenshots being taken 1-2 seconds earlier than in previous firmwares.”

Ever wondered why your PS4 network test didn’t seem to produce the right results? Sony seems to have squashed this odd bug, with lots of users—first shared by reddit user progamecasting—reporting the correct upload and download estimations. This does not, however, mean that PlayStation Network is faster than before. Maybe next time.


Tired of seeing the same folks on the “people you may know” section? You can remove them! NeoGAF user Ahjumbie noticed the change, though it’s unclear how the widget will handle the influx of new people.


Notice anything else cool? I’ll update the list as people find new stuff.