Sony Says They've Fixed The Vita's Network Problem

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Sony has fixed a “network issue” that was preventing some Vita owners from accessing the PlayStation Store, the company said today.


The issue, which many users ran into after downloading Vita firmware update 3.57, would cause the system to hang on a “Please wait...” screen when trying to access the PlayStation Store. This new firmware update appeared to also drain the system’s battery.

In a statement to Kotaku, sent this afternoon after many days of us pestering them for answers, Sony said the recent problems were actually unrelated to the latest update:

The network issue that users experienced on their PS Vita was not due to system software 3.57 and is now resolved. Thank you for your patience.

Sony wouldn’t elaborate on the network issue, adding that if Vita users are still finding that their battery drains too fast, they should contact customer service. (“If users face other issues unrelated to accessing the network, we recommend contacting customer support for assistance.”)

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Evan Chambers

I’ve been having an issue where every thumbnail in the PSN Store is a broken image. Nothing fixes it. Wonder if this update could address this as well.