On Feb. 8th, Sony is launching the System Firmware Ver. 1.60 for the Vita. Here is some of what this update contains: a new Map application, video recording, and Mac OS support.

The new map application will allow the user to locate his current location, search for specific addresses, and set destinations. The application can show both map and a sateliate view of the area.


The camera can now record videos. It can be activated while in camera mode.

Until this update, the PS Vita could only transfer data between the PS3 and Windows PC. Now the Contents Manager for PlayStation also supports Mac OS. You can upload videos, music, and pictures on the Mac to your PS Vita and vice versa. Saving backup files onto your Mac will be possible as well.

In addition to all these new functions, the PS button will now light differently according to what state the Vita is in. When turned on or when resumed from standby mode, the PS button will light up in blue. When put into standby mode, the PS button will blink in blue.

More photos in the link below.

PS Vitaのシステムソフトウェアが2月8日にVer.1.60へアップデート


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