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Sep 4 2019

A cool bit of news from the Japanese Nintendo Direct: In 2020, Nintendo will release Switch remakes of its Famicom Detective Club adventure games, originally released on the Famicom Disk System in the late 1980s. No English version planned yet, but who knows what’ll happen.

Sep 19 2018

You can download the Famicom versions of Switch Online’s NES games from the Japanese eShop using a fake Japanese Nintendo Account. There aren’t many differences in most cases but it’s still pretty neat. Plus the Famicom box art is way cooler, and in the future Japan might get different games.

Jun 29 2018

As revealed earlier this year, the Famicom Mini is going back into production. And now we know when it’s hitting store shelves. This week! Sales resumed of the little Famicom resumed yesterday in Japan.