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Apr 26 2018

Eastward is an upcoming game from Chucklefish and Pixpil Games, coming to PC and Mac. The developers say its “an adventure game combining RPG elements, with a visual style inspired by 90s Japanese animation.”

Dec 17 2014

This shot of an alien alpaca in a car has little do with Starbound's big upcoming Winter update, but it's still amusing. Speaking of the update, it's scheduled to come out in January, packed with content like tons of new items, a new playable race, ship upgrades, and more biomes. There's a trailer for it below.

Oct 3 2013

For goodness' sake, have some manners. They might be robots, but they still have feelings—as evidenced by this screenshot of a rather awkward situation in Starbound.

Aug 26 2013

One hour of Starbound for everyone. Over the weekend, at the UK's Multiplay Insomnia Gaming Festival, developers Chucklefish held a "world premiere" one-hour demonstration of their upcoming side-scrolling sandbox Starbound in the form of a Let's Play starring Duncan, Sips and Sjin of the Yogscast. Take a look above.